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Serenity's enlightenment 

​​​​​Serenity's Enlightenment                         

​​​​​​​​       Intuitive Psychic, Medium, Energetic Healer  And Spiritual Coach

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Welcome to Serenity's Enlightenment 


     We take great pleasure in helping you to  communicate and understand all information  provide to you from your Soul Records and  your Spirit Team. They consist of your Guides,  Teachers and Love Ones. This is very sacred

 to us. We understand at difficult times in one’s  life, the need for assistance and help in finding  the right path to overcome difficult situations  or problems. The messages that come through  are unique and individualized to you alone, for  there is only one YOU. 

     It is our Goal to provide you with new  perspectives, clarity and information designed  in your highest good that can help ease and  calm your mind and Soul.

    May many Blessings be Bestowed

upon you Always!