​Egyptian Cartouche


     Egyptian Healing is not another healing ray like Reiki or Seichem. It is an initiation into Ancient Egyptian symbols. The Initiations into Egyptian symbols brings about a state of heightened awareness and clarity. There are 25 initiations into the ancient archetypal universal symbols from Egypt and Atlantis which can enhance healing powers and psychic development. Cartouche is based on ancient Egyptian (or older) knowledge. 
     The initiations are taught to Tera-Mai Seichem Masters, who have been initiated into the Cartouche, because they are channeling enough FIRE energy to pass on the attunement. While anyone may work with these concepts, after being initiated the energy becomes more effective. Cartouche may be used to send healing to others or for self-healing. 

 Egyptian Cartouche Initiations

       These initiations help us to be more in-tune with archetypal energies.  Specifically, with regard to receiving higher levels of accurate information from Spirit while doing hands-on healings, sending healing energy, readings and Shamanic Journey work. The Egyptian Cartouche initiations are currently available to anyone without any perquisites.
Initiations given in the class

YOD - first attunement, which opens the initiate to inner knowing. However, higher information is subtle and the initiate must also have a 'quiet mind'.  The remaining Egyptian Cartouche attunements connect the initiate to archetypal energies. The difference that the initiate feels after the attunements is that one is able to connect to archetypal energies beyond an intellectual conception, and use these energies in healings. After on is initiated rest and drinking lots of water is advisable.  

Pyramid - initiation and protection
Osiris - the good father, teacher, consoler, the warrior who protects
Isis - the nurturing mother, earth magic, earth power, earth divination
Thoth - lord or karma, lord of time, healer and magician
Nephthys -  hidden knowledge
Ptah - architect, builder, patron on men
Hathor - patron of women and beauty, Her mirror is protective as it reflects back what is being sent
Horus - healing of the physical eyes as well as the third eye
Bast - psychic abilities and psychic protection
Anubis - protection and guidance, guides the recently departed safely to the next world
Fire - connection to the fire element
Earth - connection to the earth element
Air - connection to the air element
Water - connection to the water element
Sirius - connection to the star people When Atlantis broke up the arcane wisdom was broken up, the Native Americans were the only ones who retained that wisdom that life exists on other planets
Uraeus - power
Ankh - the key. After the attunements the Ankh serves as the energizer much like the cho ku ray is the energizer of Tera-Mai Reiki and Tera-Mai Seichem symbols.
Buckle of Isis - fertility in ones endeavours 
Sphinx - animal medicine and the connectedness between the animals, ourselves and Mother Earth
Twins - connection to the twin flame, our guardian angel, who watches out for us from the spirit world. It is our twin flame, who holds the other balance of who we are. 
Crook and Fail - taking back our own authority. Helps to connect with the path that was chosen before birth. When we release our wills to the Will of God and surrender to our own path rather than try to recreate someone else's or force things to happen our way, then life takes off! Things happen, we meet the right people and the right opportunities come our way.
Scarab - transformation
Lotus - peace of mind
Winged Disk - success 

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