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Serenity's Enlightenment    


 Heart Resonance Therapy 


      Heart Resonance Therapy (HRT) system is an energetic system which has been created in combination between downloads from Spirit to Trevor Gollagher. He added to this with his 35 plus years of knowledge and experiences through spiritual and energetic healing practices he used.

  HRT is an energy vibration that carries a “Divine Love” quality and this is what forms the basis of the healing ability of a HRT practitioner. Trevor’s work has been featured in many magazines, radio shows throughout Australia, USA, and Canada. 

     HRT awakens new energy pathways within the body allowing the body to utilize a higher light frequency. Your consciousness and intuitive abilities will become more expanded as your body becomes more cleared of the debris of life and illness. This will help you towards living in less stress and connect to your Consciousness and Divine Plan.

      HRT creates very powerful shifts and changes as it works to bring your whole system into a more positive and harmonious state of being. Many changes occur and can be seen in the mental, emotional, and physical and the spiritual bodies as you become more aligned to your true state of health and well-being.

      During a session Cindy will align to the Divine Love energy and receive information from the Divine, angels and guides. As her energies become aligned, the client's energies naturally follow suit. To clear all residual energies that do not serve the client's best interest or highest good will allow the client to function in a more peaceful, joyous nature and with love and contentment.
      During a healing session, most clients will feel a deep sense of peace, relaxation and calmness. Many blockages can be removed with just one session and many shifts in awareness and perception can be noticed for days after the treatment. Life becomes filled with love and a greater sense of worth. All healings are done intuitively. Cindy will channel and provide guidance to help to better understand and align to your spiritual consciousness and journey.



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   $120.00  Plus Taxes Per Session.

All healing sessions are booked in person, long distance, or at Phoenix Rising Metaphysical Emporium.