Serenity's Enlightenment    

      Both Alicia and I hold a strong sense of truthfulness, integrity and strive to bring forth information as pure as we can for our clients and those that are drawn to come to see us. We use our sense of humor and compassion to help place those that seek us at ease and to let them know we really are no different than they are.


      Between us, we have experienced and lived through trauma, abandonment, death of loved ones, sever brain injury of a loved one, cancer, mental, physical and emotional abuse. This has led us to seek answers to questions residing in our own fears as well as spiritual help for healing of our body, mind and Soul. Through this, we healed many of our own issues and have come to peace within. Since we know how it feels and what has worked for us, we have chosen to share this with others. To heal is beyond mere words. But one must be willing to work at it, for it and admit to it. One must commit to heal as it can be a difficult road which many tears can flow from. 

     We, at times, work alone or as a team. This depends upon if one of us is booked at the requested time or if requested. When working together many things can happen from stronger and quicker healing sessions to receiving more information in less time. This is because we are both used as a channel by the Divine to bring forth information and healing.  
     Since we have gone through many of life’s tests and challenges this has provided us with personal experiences and more empathy for our clients. This also presents a more extensive pool of information for the Divine to use as a psychic tool to tap into to further help others evolve along their Soul’s path. 
We have always leaned upon the Angelic Kingdom. We did not let just anyone know of this. We have many memories of times that we each have had with premonitions, predictions and just knowing things. Most of this at first, we each ignored because there was not many people to talk to about it. Those that we did tell were on a minute list that we trusted and believed in. In 1983, I knew I was seeing one of my best friends for the last time. Who do 
you tell this to back then when things where such hush hush? Since then this has happened many times. Spirit gives what you are able to handle even though at that moment you may feel overwhelmed. The truth is we are all born with innate abilities. Yet, many people learn to turn away from them due to one reason or for another. They fear not fitting in or being scrutinized. Do not worry, we all can develop our innate skills and talents further. 
    During a most horrible and trying time in our lives we have found the most profound healing and help through our Akashic Records. This is usually where we go for answers. Believe me, we have been given them. Sometimes to the point, comically, or for us to reflect or contemplate upon. Our Akashic Record Keepers always gives us the knowledge that we needed and can handle at the time of seeking advice. No matter how it is served to us it is always with Grace. We are so grateful for them. This is also the reason why we are so passionate about them.

    We always call upon the Divine, Angelic Kingdom, Spirit Guides, Masters and other High Beings in White Light when we are in need of assistance whether it is for ourselves, family, friends or clients. We are humbly grateful for their assistance and for any and all knowledge. We are so much more with their help. We are truly grateful to be given the opportunity to make a difference in those lives
that are lead to seek us out.     


     I opened the Akashic Records to get help in writing up a paragraph of who we are. The following is what had come through.   

     “For many generations there have been those that are unique to working within the Akashic Records. Two very unique souls that there are present on Earth at this time are the souls of Cindy Knutson and Alicia Harrison. They will present information that is true to the soul of the seeker. Much clarity will be given to those who seek the answers from the Divine as they always strive for purity and excellence within their services to others.” 
   ~ Archangel Metatron, Akashic Records.

Designed and created by Cindy Knutson. 
Content copyright 2013  All rights reserved

​​​Serenity's Enlightenment                                       

Designed and created by Cindy Knutson.

Content  © 2013   All rights reserved

       About Cindy and Alicia

​​​​​​​​       Intuitive Psychic, Medium, Energetic Healer  And Spiritual Coach



together are in the following:

Akashic Records, Tera Mai® Reiki Master Teachers,  Tera Mai® Seichem Master Teachers, Egyptian Cartouche Energy Initiation Distributors, Matrix Energetics, Astral Travel and Heart Resonance Therapy (HRT) Practitioner.

Doreen Virtue: Angel Oracle & Tarot, Angel Therapy Practitioner™ and 

Past Life Regression.


Mediumship courses with Accolade Academy of Psychic & Mediumistic Studied & certified with Doreen Virtue, 

We are also Chartered Herbalist through Dominion Herbal College.