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     Through the dawn of time there have been angels, archangels and guides for each of us. Some have witnessed them in their true form while others have known their presence through other sources. Their presence maybe seen from finding a feather, seeing a colorful orb floating in the air, feeling a softness caress your cheek, or a slight breeze whispering around you.  

     With all the technology and stress today it makes it harder for many to hear the guidance of their angels and guides. Many people seek out readings from certified card readers. Early in their development, both Cindy and Alicia became certified Angel Oracle and Tarot readers through Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. They will align their vibrational energies with the vibrational energies of the angelic realm in order to obtain answers for you to your questions you seek. Not all questions are always answered such as soul mate questions and will "I win the lottery?" This is because of karma and that no spiritual being will interfere with your Divine free will. We are all here to learn our own lessons. They will, however, guide you and comfort you in many areas of your life.

     When seeking counselling through the cards you are able to obtain answers to questions that that you are not able to see for yourself as you are too close to the situation. The guidance will help you to see that a new path maybe needed, understand your challenges and will give you more insight to relationships. Our thoughts and choices create our future but if you choose, the Angels can help you see that by making new choices it will help change the course of events that you are currently on to a more rewarding and peaceful life.   

These cards created by Doreen Virtue are the easiest to learn. As one evolves so does the tools one uses. There are many different decks that will speak deeper and be more revealing. You will know when choosing a deck of cards which speaks to you that you will read well from for yourself and for others. We also use other decks of cards depending upon which we are guided to use or ask to use by a client.                

​                ​ Remember there are many paths back into Oneness and to the Divine.


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